Louise Nason Textiles
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Louise has had two professional Art residencies. Her first residency was at the University for Creative Arts where she made use of the dye lab working with natural dyes and also acted as a tutor giving technical advice to the students.

Louise was selected for her second residency by St Georges Arts Esher, where she worked for a year. Her loom was installed in the original Tudor beamed church where she drew upon her surroundings to create sight specific textiles.

The residency was funded by a grant from The R C Sherriff Trust and Elmbridge Arts she also ran a number of workshops in local schools.

The residency was concluded with an exhibition call Fabricate, where Louise displayed a number of hand woven lengths that reflected the space.

‘Whisper’ a fine net like cloth was woven with linen, cotton and a phosphorescent yarn which reflected light, was hung from one of the Georgian paned windows, the piece was a reflection of the silence of the Church. ‘Fabricate’ in contrast to this was woven in heavy pleats using natural linen. This was woven in response to the wooden tie- beams which dominate the buildings structure. She also had a community weave, a long piece that the public were invited to weave themselves.

Louise still works closely with The R C Sheriff trust and has for the last two years won grants from them to Support The Medicine Garden Art festival, where she teaches art workshops as well as selecting arts to exhibit.