Louise Nason Textiles
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After graduating from The University of Creative Arts with a Masters In Contemporary textile design, Louise continued to work with the university; firstly as a Research Associate and then as an Artist in Residence. She has since set up her own weave studio in The Medicine Garden, Cobham, where she hand weaves using a Countermarch floor Loom.

Her first Solo exhibition 'A woven response to space' took place in 2010. This concluded an eight-month residency at St George's Arts, Esher. Louise set up her floor-based Countermarch loom in the North Aisle of the redundant Tudor church. Her site-specific commission worked directly in response to the light and colours of the building. The contemporary pieces added contrast to its historical setting.

Louise finds inspiration from the space she is creating the textiles for and will usually create site-specific work. She has created pieces for dining rooms, a beamed Tudor church and garden. An important aspect is how the placement of her textiles will respond to the light and space. This is reflected in the materials she chooses and the use of colour.

Louise works using natural fibres and dyes to produce subtle tones. Her preferred medium is fine cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. Working with these fine yarns Louise creates textiles that form multiple layers that play with light and shadow. Louise's Subtle use of natural dyes combined with the traditions techniques of Ikat dyeing allow her to create beautifully delicate graduations of colour in her textiles.